Demolition for your Home Renvoation, the Smart Way

Our Take

Home demolition for a renovation project looks like a lot of fun on TV. They wield hammers and sledgehammers to punch holes through walls until they can kick them down. There is a lot more to demolition then you see on TV though. You need to know what you are doing before you rent that dumpster and start to tear thing apart. Yes, demo can be one of the most fun parts of a renovation. Not only do you get to take out some of your aggression, you are also finally getting rid of that room or wall that you never liked. It is the start to creating your dream. Make sure that you start out in the correct way. First you need to consider safety since there will be tools and materials all over the place. Second you need to make sure you have the correct tools on hand. The article below provides a comprehensive list of everything you should have to make the job go smoother. A mixture of hand and power tools will make your job faster and easier. Don’t forget the cleanup part of it either. Plastic bags, a dumpster and a broom and mop will all be useful before continue to the next step of your project. Third you need to consider prep of the area before you start. Make sure you know what you are keeping and what is going. You don’t want to scratch up a nice hardwood floor or break a cabinet that you wanted to keep. In some cases you need to protect the spaces you are keeping to prevent further work after demo. Taking the time to properly prepare will save you time and money in the long run. Two things that are very important when it comes to home renovation projects.

After our real-estate agent, Chander Chaddah, closed the deal on our first fixer-upper, he became our unofficial renovation guru. He not only helps people buy and sell homes, he’s a serial renovator who has worked on many of his own home renos (check out the beautiful cottage he’s building). Over coffee one Saturday morning, he shared his list of recommended tools and practices to help us do some of our own demolition work. It was truly a lifesaver and we did indeed use almost everything on it!

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