DIY Backyard Games for a Summer Full of Fun

Our Take

It may be rainy and gloomy outside now, but the summer sun isn’t too far away. The days of spending your time outside, enjoying your yard and entertaining your friends will be here before you know it. Fingers crossed. So let’s start getting ready for the beautiful weather now. Your backyard can be filled with summer fun and games, if you just spend a little DIY time on some of the ideas below. Think about your favorite board game and decide if you can translate it into a larger sized outdoor game you kids will enjoy. For example Connect Four, checkers and Jenga can all easily be translated into larger yard game pieces. Or you can stick to classic yard games like hop scotch. Other fun summer yard games are inspired by games you may play at a carnival. Tossing bean bags at stacked cans, a simple dunk booth or a balloon wall for dart toss. If your kids are little, stay away from the metal point darts. You don’t want them left laying around the yard. While all the ideas mentioned so far are most likely recognizable, there are some that you may have never heard of. Like freezing toys in a big ice block and having kids chip them out with tools. None of these ideas are out of your DIY reach and they will all encourage your kids to spend more time outside being active. Maybe they will even inspire you to have a neighborhood get together at your home. After all, what is summer for, if not enjoying the great outdoors with family and friends.

Kids stay inside too much these days. TV, video games, sleeping. (I can’t blame them on the sleeping thing though. It’s my favorite thing to do!) Maybe some fun games like the ones featured in this roundup from Top Dreamer. I’m really excited about summer and these games! They aren’t just for …


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