DIY Diary: Lessons in Demolition

Demolition may seem like the most fun part of a DIY project in your home, however it can also be one of the more dangerous parts of your project. You have to think about the electricity and plumbing running through your walls, as well as load bearing walls just to start with. There are also nails and screws, flying objects and heavy tools.  Demolition safety is truly important if you want to make it to the second phase in your home project. The DIYer below has learned some of the safety demolition tips the hard way and wants you to learn from her mistakes. DIY projects often take more time, effort and money then you plan. Make sure that doesn’t include an unexpected trip to the hospital emergency room. Learn from this DIYer and do some research online before you start your demolition. As always, if you are unsure, bring in a pro. It will be worth the cost. Oh and don’t forget the dumpster for all that demoed building material.

I’m currently in the throes of a passionate love affair with my new fixer-upper in the Midwest. Although my husband and I have been hard at work planning, designing and contracting the home (we purchased the 3200 square foot ranch in November), we’ve just officially arrived into demolition territory this week.

Now, I’ve worked on a house or two in my day and I know that, under normal circumstances, there’s nothing more exciting than taking a sledgehamer to an unnecessary wall in order to brighten a space. But this house? This house has more drywall than my patience allows. The process has been slow-going to say the least.

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