DIY Holiday Gifts

While many lose sight of what the holidays are really about this time of year, it is important to remind yourself that it isn’t all about the amount of money you spend on gifts. One great way to remedy this common misconception this year is with a little DIY gift giving. There are some truly amazing things that you can make and your friends and family will love. Just remember not to make something generic to give to people. Make something they will really love and use. The articles below have ideas for everyone from toys for your kids to everyday items for the man in your life. Don’t feel that you have to have a degree in DIY to make a great gift either. There are many very simple ideas that you can sit down and do in a couple of hours. A gift that you have thought about and made with your own two hands will be a gift that is loved and enjoyed by all.

29 DIY Gifts For All the Guys in Your Life

Not sure what to get the special men in your life for the holidays. We’ve totally been there and know the struggle of trying to pick out a great gift that they’ll actually use, but we’ve got just the solution. What’s better than receiving a gift. So, in the spirit of the gifting season, we’ve rounded up 29 DIY gifts that aren’t just suitable for your boyfriend; they’re perfect for your brother and your dad, too.

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175 DIY gifts you can make instead of shopping on Black Friday

If the idea of fighting your way through Best Buy is giving you a headache, opt for something a little craftier. There’s no need to elbow your way through thronging crowds on Black Friday. See also: 15 Black Friday survival tips from ‘The Walking Dead’ This year, stay warm and stress-free for the holidays.

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10 DIY Gifts For Kids, Because Toys Are Too Damn Expensive

I know what it’s like to be broke and have kids to shop for during the holidays: It’s impossible to know what to get them in the first place, and then when you do find out what toys they want, they’re Lego sets that cost $200. The virtue of DIY projects is that they make the most fun out of the simplest possible materials, and cater to kids’ imaginative capacities.

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