DIY Not Always Best

In construction projects, most people want to do things right. Old adages tell people to get the right tools for the job, take darn good care of those tools, and measure twice before you cut. It’s no wonder there is a level of caution around construction projects: doing things wrong can quickly get expensive, waste time, or even cause injury. Yet even so, there are some parts of a project people just don’t take all that seriously. It seems like waste disposal is one of them.

For some reason, dumpster rental is where homeowners want to cut corners. Dumpster rental Baltimore is easy and straightforward, yet people try to avoid it. This is especially true of homeowners working in a single family home or duplex. They have a small budget available, want to do something to improve the property, but don’t want to spend extra money on professionals when they can do something themselves.

I admire the spirit. Many homeowners end up making numerous trips to shove debris into giant black garbage bags, and then drag those down to the curb. The problem comes in when the City won’t pick up all the bags – either there’s too many of them, or they’re filled with types of waste the City just doesn’t take. Sometimes, this even comes with a fine! So much for saving money. It would’ve been easier to just rent a dumpster in the first place.

Getting a roll off dumpster comes with some real advantages. A dumpster has plenty of space, typically more than the project you’re working on needs, so it means less trips down to the curb.

The company renting the dumpster can fill you in on any special regulations you might need to be aware of – for example, if the city doesn’t take certain kinds of waste. The most common are computer and electronics, paints and varnishes, tires, and chemicals. Obviously, most of these will not be an issue with a standard construction project, and the company may offer special waste disposal methods if any of them do apply.

If you are doing a construction project, getting a proper dumpster is essential. It’s easy to imagine you’ll cram everything into the normal garbage bin, but in reality it causes issues. Realizing mid-project that you should have gotten a dumpster is a much bigger pain than just booking one in advance. Get on the phone and make your life easier!

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