DIY Projects you Can Tackle Labor Day Weekend

As the unofficial end of summer, the three day labor day weekend is often spent on the beach, camping or just enjoying the outdoors before fall comes. If you are staying home labor day weekend then you might want to consider using your time wisely to complete a project around the house. Whether you have some work to do to get your home and yard ready for fall or there is a project that has been sitting on your to do list for some time, having three days to get the work done can be the perfect opportunity to check some items off your list. Get your whole family involved in cleaning up the yard and landscaping, building a fire pit to enjoy all fall or bringing new life to old outdoor furniture. If the kitchen is your favorite place to be, consider making your own storage containers, utensil rack or even compost bins. Or maybe there are small spaces you would like to upgrade around your home. You can repaint your kitchen, put up shelving to get organized, install a rain barrel or liven up your porch. If you are staying home, don’t be envious of the people at the beach on labor day, tackle the opportunity to get fun things done around your home and enjoy the fact that you won’t be sitting in traffic.

Summer Weekend Projects to Make Your Home Looking Sweet by Fall (13 photos)

Even if you prefer to keep your existing door, you can still make it more personal by painting it a bright hue or applying a few coats of chalkboard paint — perfect for giving you a spot to jot down your grocery list. Why stick with a boring door on the pantry when you can have a sliding barn door, screen door or frosted-glass version?

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10 DIY Kitchen Projects for your Labor Day Weekend

Even though it’s still warm in many parts of the country, this weekend is the unofficial start of fall. School is about to begin, pumpkin spice lattes are just around the corner, and we’re getting into project mode in our homes. With a three-day weekend on the horizon, we’ve got a few projects to tackle. Here are some of our favorite ideas to get you started planning.

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5 Family Yard Projects for Labor Day

As a homeowner, a three-day weekend represents the opportunity to tackle outdoor home-improvement projects. But that doesn’t mean you and your family have to forego fun in favor of productivity. This Labor Day Weekend, why not try combining family time with work time by involving the whole family in a series of enjoyable jobs to help beautify and improve your yard?

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