DIY to De-Stress

The popularity of DIY has quickly grown over the last couple of years. Whether that means renovating your bathroom by yourself, crafting a gift for a loved one or creating a face mask out of items in your kitchen, DIY describes it all. There are a number of reasons that more and more people have turned to DIY in their lives. It most often saves you money to make something yourself, there is the aspect of testing and expanding your skill set, and it gives you a goal to accomplish. There is hardly anything better then setting a goal and achieving it. One aspect of DIY that many people don’t think about is how it can actually help relieve stress. This may not be true when you are trying to put plumbing in for the first time, but for smaller more manageable tasks there is time to relax and just breath. As the article below points out, the process of making something is meditative. You can get lost in your work, forget the stress of the day and just enjoy the accomplishment of making something with your two hands. If you are making a face mask or bath salts there is an extra element of relaxation in the enjoyment of your creation. So next time you think that project you want to do or craft you want to make is a waste of time, just think of it as therapy for your crazy life. It is well worth the time is takes that way.

To date, my do-it-yourself (DIY) efforts have been limited to a white T-shirt enhanced with some fabric markers (easy); six pairs of quirky beaded earrings that refused to hang gracefully from the lobe (challenging); and three botched attempts at sewing a button back on a skirt (pathetic).

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