Don’t Be Afraid of Design: Overcoming Home Decor Phobias

Our Take

You know your home decor needs an update and you have even saved up the money to do some projects, but you are scared of messing it up. Should you use wallpaper or is that out of style nowadays? You love the brightness and the way a white room looks so clean, but you worry about keeping it clean. If you need to buy new furniture, what is the right size for the room you are trying to fill? These questions and more can all prevent you from creating the room and home of your dreams. There is of course always the option to hire a professional designer, but even if you do this you need to keep your mind open to the ideas that they create for your space. Otherwise a room may not live up to its full potential. If you are doing the redecorating yourself, you need to overcome any home decor fears you have in order to create a space the is truly unique and worth the time and money you will be spending on it. The article below will hopefully help you overcome some of these design phobias and set you on the right path to a beautiful new space. If this doesn’t help, don’t be afraid to stick to a more traditional home decor redesign. Just don’t have any regrets and stay true to your style.

We’ve all paid mind to those pesky design rules: Don’t use large furniture in small spaces, stay away from bold colors, all four legs need to be on the area rug. Fortunately, rules were meant to be broken. Here’s a look at common home design phobias you can overcome to get creative in your space. Call it retro, but wallpaper has made a comeback.

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