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Dream Home Projects to Make Your House the Coolest on the Block

It doesn’t matter if your home is big or small, it is what you do with the space that counts. Even a small New York City apartment can be turned into a dream space if you properly lay it out. If you do have a suburban or country home with a little more space, you don’t have to just dream about all of the amazing things you could do, take the time and do some of them now. When you strike it rich, you can go all out and do every single one. Which of the projects below would you do first? You could start small with a relaxing outdoor bathtub or go straight for something bigger like a swimming pool movie theater. Maybe some fun, but practical items, like a slide to your downstairs or a rotating sink that includes colanders already in it. Fun, dream items don’t have to wait for your dream home. Start thinking about projects you could incorporate into your current home, that would make you happy. After all, think about all the time you spend there.

27 Things that Definitely Belong in your Dream Home

One day, when you win the lottery, you can have all of them. Le sigh. A backyard full of beer taps, a hidden room that only your favorite people know about, or maybe even a pool on your balcony. What would you include in your dream home and what can you add to your home now?

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33 Amazing Ideas that Will Make Your Home a Dream Home

We’ve all got some sort of idea of how our dream home might look. Some of us have just got to have a pool, while others want clever modern design, sustainability, or integration with natural elements. No matter what it is that makes your dream home unique, here are a few examples of homes where people have been able to realize some of their greatest home design fantasies.

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Jonathan Scott explains how to turn NY apartment into dream home

When it comes to New York living, if apartment-dwellers know anything, it’s that they’re not going to have the largest of living spaces unless they’re willing to shell out a nice chunk of change for it. But rest easy New Yorkers, according to Property Brother Jonathan Scott, you don’t have to live in a mansion to have a hot spot — you’ve just got to take advantage of the space you’ve got.

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