Common Issues With Dumpster Services

One of the last things that people ever worry about when engaging in a home renovation project is encountering problems with renting a dumpster, but depending on the dumpster services that you or your contractor selected it could easily turn into one of the more troublesome and expensive aspects of the project.

Dumpster rentals are ideally meant to be a cheap and easy solution for disposing of a large amount of rubbish and debris left over after working on some construction, saving you from filling up truckload after truckload of drywall and wooden studs to drop off at the landfill yourself. However, when the dumpster rental goes south it can result in paying steep fees for added services or fighting with a company over shady business practices, distracting you from finishing your project and added more unexpected costs to an already expensive project.

In fact, costs are generally one of the first concerns that customers have when searching for dumpster rental Richmond companies, yet it still often becomes a problem in the end. One of the most common ways people have found to reduce the cost of renting a dumpster for their construction project has been to rent it on their own rather than having the contractors locate a dumpster for them, but if the client is unfamiliar with the process this can open them up to getting hit with hidden or unexpected expenses.

Some unreliable companies will only quote you part of the cost of their services in order to have the lowest sounding price quote. When negotiating your rate be sure to ask the representative for a price quote that includes the dumpster size, the length of time you are keeping it, the approximate weight of the load, and both delivery and pick up fees.

When getting your price quote make sure to ask the representative about what the fee for holding onto the dumpster for an extra period of time will be as well. It is not uncommon for renovation projects to run longer than expected, and it would be very unfortunate to get caught off guard by significantly higher fees for returning the construction dumpster later than originally negotiated.

Other extra fees often include overweight loads, which can result in extremely expensive rates or having to pay a fee for making the transportation wait while you unload some of your waste to even out the top of the pile and remove some weight.

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