Dumpster Rental Tips for Success: Dumpster Sizes

One of the few decisions that you need to make when you rent a dumpster is the size dumpster you are going to get. There are a number of different sizes available depending on what project you are doing. The dumpsters start at 10 yards and go up to 30 yards. Here is a quick reference to use as a jumping off point when deciding what size dumpster you should order.

A 10 yard dumpster holds approximately 6 pickup truck loads of debris and garbage. It is great for smaller projects like a basement or garage clean out. Or if you are just doing a small remolding job around your home. Their smaller sizes allows them to fit in more places as well. The dimensions of the dumpster vary sometimes,  but is it around are 12 ft long by 8 feet wide and only 3 ft tall, which makes them easy to fill.

The next size dumpster is 15 yards. This size hold approximately 9 pickup truck loads of garbage and is great for slightly larger scale home projects where more demolition might be necessary. They also work great for projects around the yard, if you are taking down trees, tearing out old bushes or cleaning up in the spring. Again the dimensions may very a little, but they are around 16 ft long, 8 ft wide, and 4 ft tall.

If the 15 yard doesn’t seem big enough to handle your needs there is the 20 yard dumpster. This size can old approximately 12 pickup truck loads of trash. The larger size makes it a great option if you are cleaning up an old house or office, remolding a larger area of a business or residence or if multiple families in your neighborhood have decided to rent a dumpster together. It has room for the items in everyone’s garages that they no longer need. The approximate dimensions of this dumpster are 22 ft long, by 8 ft wide and 4 ft tall.

The largest dumpster available is the 30 yard dumpster. This larger size is typically used for large scale demolition or constructions project, especially on a commercial scale. They are also great if you have to clean out a whole house because of a situation like a foreclosure. It can hold approximately 16 pickup truck loads of debris, which would save you a lot of trips to the dump. The dimensions are roughly 22 ft long by 8 ft wide and it is 5 ft tall.

When you call to place your dumpster order, the customer service representative can help guide you to the size dumpster you might need. However, if you still aren’t sure, it is always better to order a size larger then you think you need. It is less expensive to get a larger size dumpster than it is to order another dumpster when yours is full. You also don’t want to have to stop in the middle of your project because you ordered a dumpster that was too small. If you want to have a successful dumpster rental experience, consider all of the dumpster size options, then bump it up a size. You won’t regret it.

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