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Construction waste management is one of the most challenging aspects of kicking off a new home improvement project. When people plan their project, figuring out what to do with the waste is often the last thing on their mind. After all, there are enough things to worry about before and during the project without having to think about what will come after it, right?

But that’s the catch: when your project is over you’re going to want to be able to kick back, relax, and enjoy your improved home. You won’t want a giant mess to worry about and you certainly won’t want to go through the red tape of trying to get your construction waste picked up by the city.

Depending where you life, your city or township can be very picky about what waste they will pick up. Many common construction substances can be restricted. Cans of pain and varnish are the most obvious, but did you know that drywall, cement and concrete, old wood with lead paint on it, and even yard debris can have special regulations around it?

Charlotte has its own special rules and regulations just like any city. This means that trying to add all of your construction waste to your normal household garbage collection can be problematic. The most common result is that not everything gets picked up. This leads to a heap of debris on your property and no way to dispose of it.

A better option however is to rent a construction dumpster. This is a fairly inexpensive service and it can be a life saver. Dumpsters are easy to rent. They come in all imaginable sizes to fit any project you are doing, from a small dumpster holding just 10 cubic yards of waste all the way up to industrial scale dumpsters.

When you reserve your dumpster, just tell the company what kind of debris you’ll be disposing of and they will know any relevant rules on how it must be handled. They’ll drop it off for you at the site and date of your choosing and pick it up when it’s full and your project is done. It is an easy way to save yourself a lot of headache.

When you start to plan your next home improvement project, make sure to arrange for a dumpster rental. Charlotte is a beautiful place to make a home and when you build or improve yours you should be able to enjoy it.

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