Eco-savvy ideas for a home update

Whether you are building, eating, driving or decorating, the word green is being used everywhere. People are more conscious nowadays about the choices they are making. This is great for the environment and every living being. However, when something becomes popular imitations and “experts” pop up everywhere. You have to make sure you are getting the right information and using the correct products instead of falling for quick to market imposters. Jeff King as been doing green building for 10 years and can provide accurate information on ways that your home can become more green. The article below highlights some of his expert thoughts and ideas that you can implement in your own home this weekend.

By industry definition, Jeff King is a contractor specializing in sustainable building, but he’ll be the first to warn you against the G-word. “Green has become so overused a lot of people don’t take it seriously,” says King, who became a certified green builder in 2004. So he reframed the conversation, telling his clients about the health benefits of cleaner air from zero-VOC paints, the dollars saved by radiant-heat flooring, and the durability of Caesarstone countertops—all choices that happen to be environmentally friendly.

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