Elevate your Home with Architectural Details and Accents

You want a newer built home, but it just doesn’t have the charm inside that you can get with many of the older homes in your area. There are benefits and drawbacks no matter the age of the home you buy. Older homes generally require more work, but don’t need additional design on the inside. Newer homes have less issues to deal with, but often lack the fun details you may be looking for. Those details can easily be added by you or a professional. There are a range of architectural options available to bring in the style that you want, you just need to decide which elements fit your design desires. You can start with more basic ideas like framing out windows and doorways around your home, adding detail work around your fireplace or adding detail and texture to your ceilings. However, if you like a classic look and you’re willing to take on more of a challenge consider crown molding, beams, wainscoting or recessed panels. The architectural delights are endless. Just don’t go overboard in either style or budget. Too much can become too busy. The tree articles below will get the juices flowing and you can take it from there.

Love your Living Room: Boost Interest with Architectural Details

When updating your living room, go back to basics and look at your room’s architectural details. It doesn’t matter if your home’s architecture is contemporary, transitional, modern or traditional — details like beams, niches and moldings can help convey the style you want, even without a structural remodel. Here are some ideas to consider.

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Easy Ways to add Architectural Interest to Any Home

The location is prime, and the price is right, but the house leaves much to be desired. With a little creativity and some elbow grease, it’s possible to create instant architecture. We asked New Orleans contractor and artist Max Ryan what it takes to give a box-like structure beautiful bones.

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5 Easy Architectural Details to add to Your Home

Modern minimalist design has taken over real estate home interior design these days. However, if you are the type who would like more than just a seamless, simple box look, there are several home projects you can do to enhance the design and boost the charm of your home.

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