Fall Home and Holiday Blog Roundup

Whether you are getting your home ready for the cool temperatures or you are figuring out how the holidays are going to work in your home, we have rounded up articles to help. With the cooler nights we have been experiencing, you may have noticed a chill in your home. Take some time to locate any potential places where a draft could be coming in and repair them. It doesn’t have to take long and it can save you money throughout the winter. If you are hosting Thanksgiving or Christmas this year you may be worried about having enough seating around the house for everyone. Now you can add seating around your home without placing chairs everywhere. Take a look below for some fun ideas. Finally, before you start cooking all that delicious holiday food make sure you have a clean kitchen to do it in. You will enjoy it even more. The checklist below will take you through the 5 most important things that you should do to have a thoroughly cleaned kitchen. Get your home and holidays covered this fall with a little help from the articles below.

Adding Additional Sneaky Seating

Is one of your goals this year to be less stressed and enjoy yourself more during the holiday season? If the answer is yes, consider getting as much prep out of the way now as possible — so when it’s your turn to host a party or have the whole family over for a holiday meal, you can feel calm. Join us as we tackle a different key area of holiday prep each week, starting with these 10 solutions to that ever-present problem … where all of those extra guests will sit. Let’s get started.

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Locating Drafts in your Home

There’s a nip in the air. And whether you live in a brownstone in the city or a big spread in the suburbs, you don’t want the chill to come in with you — or your home’s warmed air to leak out — when you settle in for the night.

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Holiday Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Five pre-holiday kitchen cleaning must-dos. Five things that can wait. Plus some of my favorite kitchen cleaning products. Families can get a little snoopy when they visit relatives especially during the holidays. Someone will open a kitchen drawer or a pantry cabinet and get a little judgmental about what they see.

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