Finding Space in a Small Bathroom for Growing Kids

Our Take

As your kids move out of their younger years and in to their pre-teen and teen years, you may notice that the bathroom is a space they are spending more and more time in. This isn’t an issue if you have multiple bathrooms in your home or if you have a large bathroom that multiple family members can share at one time. However, if your home has a small bathroom you may have to consider some ways to maximize the bathroom space you do have. A renovation may even be called for. Where can you find space to house all of those new beauty tools. Or how can you squeeze an extra person in the bathroom during a busy morning. Maybe you hang a larger mirror so that multiple people can be looking into it at once. If there is a bathtub in the room that no one uses, you can consider removing it and replacing it with just a shower. This will instantly give you more square footage to play with. It you can’t live without the tub, you may be able to install a smaller one. This would create some extra storage space for you. If a double vanity is your goal, read below to find out how to make the space not feel over stuffed. Making more space in your small bathroom for your growing family is possible, you just have to make the right decisions to suit your needs.

We moved into our house over 10 years ago and, with the exception of updating our kitchen appliances, really haven’t done much in the line of renovations. As our two daughters approach their teen years we know it’s time to redo the primary bathroom they share (my husband and I have an outdated ensuite off our bedroom). Ideally we would like a vanity with double sinks but the space only measures 64” and we’re afraid that’s too tight.

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