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Finding The Best Places With Dumpsters For Rent

Anybody with a computer and a bit of patience and locate a company with dumpsters for rent in five seconds flat, but sorting through all of the competing businesses to find the best option for your situation takes a bit of consideration in order to avoid paying too much money or receiving poor service.

There are a number of factors that need to be considered before making a final selection, not least of which is the price quote that you are offered after consulting with the customer service representative over the phone, but also including the reputation of the business and the long term costs.

The first thing that you will need to figure out is exactly what kind of dumpster you need for your project. Each company will offer various commercial dumpsters, trash compactors and industrial roll off containers of multiple sizes for you to choose from, as well as other agencies that specialize in particular materials like industrial or biological waste.

Generally speaking individuals looking for a dumpster rental in Florida are working on a project like remodeling a home or some other domestic construction, limiting the choices to temporary roll off services.

These dumpsters tend to come in various sizes as measured in the volume of waste they can fill, ranging from approximately 10 cubic yards to 40 yards in volume. For comparison, a project consisting of replacing roofing shingles on an average single family home probably only needs a 10 yard dumpster to store their waste, whereas a complete rehab of the same building would require a 20 yard dumpster or larger.

Working with the customer service representative to determine which dumpster size will give you your first indication of the service you will receive with that company. Trying to upsell you to a significantly larger dumpster size should be a warning sign. Regardless, make sure you ask the representative about the pricing guidelines they have for their dumpster rentals.

Most rental price quotes are based on a combination of distance/location, volume of the dumpster, how long you want to keep the dumpster, and the total weight of the debris being removed. However certain fees such as rushed delivery, overweight loads and debris substances may apply, so make sure to ask about them in advance.

Some tips to keep in mind are that local companies will generally offer a much better rate than national companies, and companies specializing in renting dumpsters will have better prices than general construction supply and service companies. Local companies may even occasionally be negotiated with for a better rate than listed, but generally only for bulk orders or long term arrangements.

Never rent your dumpster from a big box construction retail company, since they are likely to outsource the work to a local firm anyway.

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