Five ways to survive a home decorating project as a couple

Our Take

During this month of love, advice for couples is never in short supply. We have some more to add to the mix. Any home project can be a true test for a couple. Whether you have just moved into together and you are combining all of your belongings, you are just going through a home redecoration or you are going through a home remodel there are always going to be battles between the two of you.  Remember, you will get through it. All you need is a little compromise and a lot of communication. The article below outlines five ways that you can survive a home project with your significant other.

Before you even start, make sure you are both very clear on what you want and what you expect from the project. Chances are you are both entering this project with different design tastes, and they often don’t mix. This is when compromise will come into play. Another point of contention for couples when doing a home project is the budget. This also needs to be set before you begin and you need to stick to it. If one person goes on a shopping spree, it could lead to tension in the home. Finally a realistic timeline needs to be set. Projects are always going to take longer then you think. Just remember that before you begin.

So be open, communicate and follow the advice below.

The most important question to ask yourselves is what you and your husband require most from your kitchen renovation. I singlehandedly took over the decorating of my family’s house. But what our friends and colleagues don’t realize is that my husband also has interior design opinions — ones that I bulldozed over.

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