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Fixing a Bad Paint Job on the Walls of your Home

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It could be that you were rushing to get done, or maybe it was the first time you painted a wall and it just didn’t go as planned. It might not have been your fault at all. The previous owners weren’t great painters or a spouse doesn’t share your attention to detail. Whatever the reason may be, we have all had walls covered in a bad paint job. There is that one spot that bothers you every time you look at it. Luckily, it doesn’t mean that you have to repaint the whole room or even the whole wall in most cases. You can fix some of the most common paint problems with the advice in the article below. Paint drips are a very common issue that can be fixed with a scrapper, sand paper and some additional paint. Just make sure you keep extra paint on hand every time you paint a room or at least track the colors you are using so you can buy more. Another common problem many new painters run into is brush marks. It is best to learn proper painting technique to avoid these in the first place, but if they are already on the wall, you can machine sand the wall, wipe it down and then paint again. This time using the right technique. A less common problem you may come across comes when painting natural wood. If there is a knot in the wood that just won’t cover up, start by scrapping off the paint that is already on it. Then apply some sealer to the knot area, apply primer and finally paint the area. Get step by step instructions that will help you fix these and other common paint issues below. You don’t have to live with a bad paint job. Take the time to fix each problem and get rid of that little annoyance once and for all.

How to fix common painting problems. If your paint job didn’t go as well as planned, we’ve got ways you can fix common painting mistakes such as drips, brush marks and stains. Learn how to remove those drips you forgot about, stains that have appeared on the wall, removing wrinkled up paint and more.

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