Gardening with Raised Beds

As you are putting your garden together this spring, you may want to consider using raised beds instead of planting directly into the ground. There are a number of reasons why you may want to do this. For one, it could be a design choice. There are a lot of per-existing containers that you could use as planter beds or you can make your own. You can customize the look to match the style of your home. Raised beds can also be better for your plants. Less weeds will grown and they drain a lot better then just planting in the ground.  The articles below provide a wealth of knowledge for gardening with raised beds. Everything from the types of containers you can use, to building your own, to the steps you take once the beds are built. You will also learn more about the benefits of gardening with raised beds. Enjoy gardening this year and make it a little easier on yourself.

Gardening Tips Pt I: DIY Raised Beds

Let’s talk about gardening. It’s such a great way to be economical with your time and money, plus it encourages eating a healthier diet purely because of what food is available out your back door. Picture a nice neat garden in your backyard that requires little effort and produces lovely. You’re reading Gardening Tips Pt I: DIY Raised Beds , originally posted on Homedit.

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Gardening in raised beds

For space efficiency and high yields, it’s hard to beat a vegetable garden grown in raised beds. They also are the perfect solution for dealing with difficult soils such as heavy clay. Cut and assemble the basic frame, block it up to level. Clear the area where the bed will be located, because you will be building the bed “in place”.

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Gardening in raised beds has lots of benefits, but also challenges

There are lots of benefits to gardening in raised beds. Because they stand a bit higher than the existing soil, they’re often drain better after heavy rains, and the soil in them warms more quickly in the spring, a huge boon to heat-loving crops like tomatoes, peppers and eggplants. Because purchased topsoil products are often devoid of organic matter and nutrients, it’s best to use garden soil from somewhere on your property, if it’s available.

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