Get Your Home Market Ready with Inexpensive Fixes

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The spring housing market is in full swing, so if you are trying to list your house during this strong real estate season, you don’t have much time to get it ready. There aren’t many homes that can be market ready with just a snap of your fingers. Even newer homes will at least need decluttering and you will need to depersonalize your decor to make the house more appealing to buyers. Older homes will need even more work and time to get them market ready. The process doesn’t have to be expensive and in most cases you can take care of the items recommend on the list below by yourself. For example a fresh coat of paint can go a long way to make a room look bright. Even if you don’t feel like all the walls need paint, touch up paint can really help. Look at your baseboards and door frames as well, which tend to get more damaged over time. If your bathroom is looking a little worse for the ware, pick out the areas that are the worst and take care of those. Again, maybe start with paint. You can also switch out light fixtures, plumbing fixtures or even your vanity if you think it is too outdated. Most of the time, just updating a few of the items mentioned can make the room feel totally different. The kitchen is the other room besides the bathroom that really sells a house. It is expensive to renovate a kitchen, but consider painting the cabinets or again changing out light fixtures or plumbing fixtures. You could replace the appliances, but you are looking at a higher cost project to do so. Only do this if you think you will make the money back with the sale price. Keep reading below for additional ideas to add to your list. Selling a home can be a stressful time, so take it easy and do what your can. Your realtor is a great source of information as well, when it comes to what your specific house needs.

I am asked by prospective sellers on an almost daily basis what they should do to optimize their home for sale. “Should we renovate the kitchen and bathroom or will buyers want to put their personal stamp on the home?” “Does it really matter if we paint that blue wall white? Can’t buyers see past a coat of paint?”

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