Giving Garage Sale Finds a New Life

It’s after Memorial day, which means you can no longer drive down the road without seeing a garage sale sign, a flea market, or even just random free items on the curb. Some of you never give those signs a second glance or thought, while others are nervous they won’t get up early enough to buy the best items. It is true that there are treasures to be found at garage sales and many of them are hidden. Some things just needs a little cleaning, while others need a whole new life breathed into them. When it comes to the later, it can take some creativity on your part to turn a bargain into a beauty.  Below you will find guidelines from a garage sale expert on what to look for and what to stay away from. You will also learn about the best 8 things to look for every time to head out. These items will always have value and purpose, if you want to put some time into them. If you still aren’t inspired to head out this weekend to find hidden treasures, check out what some artists are doing with old items they found. Don’t feel overwhelmed by all the potential you see at your local garage sales. Start with an item or two and see if upcycling items is for you, before filling up your garage with other people’s old “junk”.

8 Furniture Upcycles to Look for at a Garage Sale

There’s always one — that stealthy woman on a mission who’s the first to arrive at a garage sale on a Saturday morning. She steps out of her car, and she seems to know exactly what she’s looking for. Without hesitation, she makes a beeline for that busted-up dresser beside the curb and gives the seller an offer they can’t refuse. What does she see that I don’t?

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Tips From a Garage Sale Queen

Do you wish you had the money, time and creativity to fill your house with eclectic pieces and unique finds? Turns out, smart style may not be so far out of reach. It just takes a good eye — and a little bit of luck — to furnish your house in a mix of the today and yesterday.

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Artisans Repurpose Finds Into New Items

It takes a certain perspective to look at a race car suspension spring and think “lamp” or an old marble and think “magnet.” Makers who use repurposed items in their work see the world a little differently when they’re searching for materials for their next project. These Milwaukee-area artisans take old, unwanted or disregarded objects and turn them into something new, useful and beautiful.

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