Holiday Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Our Take

Before the holidays are here and guests start circulating through your home, you know there are places and things that need to be cleaned. Places that probably haven’t seen a rag and cleaning solution in quite a while. One of the most important places in the home to clean is the kitchen. Food is such an important part of the holidays and preparing it in a dirty space is not a great option. Start by cleaning out the drawers where things like silverware are kept. Placing clean silverware in a dirty drawer undoes all the cleaning you just did. This is also a great time to get out all of those holiday dishes that only see the light of day once a year and make sure they are clean. Go through that fridge and not only make room for leftovers, also take some time to disinfect all the shelves and drawers. Proper food storage is key to clean and healthy food preparation. The article below highlights some of the best ways to clean the mentioned items and places as well as more. It also highlights some of the things that you can skip if you are running short on time like most of us are. Don’t be scared of holiday parties or unexpected guests. Take some time to clean and be proud to have friends and family in your home. 

Five pre-holiday kitchen cleaning must-dos. Five things that can wait. Plus some of my favorite kitchen cleaning products. Families can get a little snoopy when they visit relatives especially during the holidays. Someone will open a kitchen drawer or a pantry cabinet and get a little judgmental about what they see.

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