Home Decorating Ideas That Won’t Cost You A Dime

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Spring isn’t only a great time to get the dust and clutter out of your house, it is also the perfect time of year to liven up your home décor. This doesn’t have to mean heading out to the store and spending a lot of money. Sometimes fun DIY design ideas are already in your home, they just haven’t found their proper place yet. Below there are 25 different ideas that range from a more complicated DIY that takes some skill, to a simple project that can be done in a couple of hours. It just depends on what you are looking for. All the projects do have a couple of things in common though. They are fun and they will all cost you little to no money. For example, have you ever looked at those free paint swatches in the home improvement store and thought about what you could make with them? Get a few ideas below on how to create works of art on your walls. Or you can head outside for some inspiration and materials that will dress up your home this spring. Old tree branches that fell during the winter can make great accent pieces. Instead of throwing out those old newspapers and magazines, make something with their pages. Your walls and home will be filled with interesting and unique one of a kind pieces that won’t have cost you a dime, or a least only a couple of dimes.

This is a great roundup full of wonderful do-it-yourself decorating projects for your home that won’t cost a dime. I am so excited to feature it here today! Brightside knows what’s up with these 25 ideas. You will love them! These are unique and beautiful and cheap When I hear DIYs that won’t cost a dime, I think ‘yeah right.’

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