Home Improvement Trends of 2016 to Inspire your Projects

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You know you want to make some changes to your home in 2016, but you are feeling uninspired or overwhelmed. This is the point you need to look online, see what options exist and be inspired by others DIY home projects. For example, if you want to add a pop of color to your home check out the top colors for 2016. They happen to be Rose Quartz and Serenity. The rose is a pale pink and the serenity is a periwinkle blue. Not your speed? Turn to another trend for the year. Creating an accent wall with alternative materials such as wood planks, tile or stone. Each will give a dramatic change on a budget and you can pick a material that suits your style. 2016 may be the year you need to start looking into the future of your home. If your aging parents could be moving in, consider building an extra space just for them. It may be nice to have them so close and you could skip the senior care facilities that are less personal. Or if you might put your home on the market in 2016, do the project with the best ROI this year. You may be surprised to find out it is replacing your steel entry door. Kitchen upgrades continue to have a great ROI when selling your home as well. Is the inspiration starting, but aren’t ready to get up off the couch? Keep reading below. You will have a plan together and know all this year’s home improvement trends in no time.

If you resolve to improve your home improvement efforts in the New Year, here are some trends that might inspire your projects. Move over paint and wallpaper. The new way to pop an accent wall in any room of the house is with tile or stone. Unique materials, including reclaimed barn wood and metallic tiles, will be boldly applied in 2016, piggybacking on the creative vertical, ledgestone and herringbone-pattern installs we saw last year. Partial horizontal backsplashes will continue to be replaced by full walls of tile in the kitchen and bath. Full wall fireplace surrounds – in stone, masonry or tile – will run floor to ceiling and serve as major design focal points in living rooms, bedrooms and other nontraditional rooms.

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