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The holidays don’t always have to be about traveling to a bunch of destination, stress and a busy schedule. Sometimes it is nice to just take the time to relax and enjoy being at home. This year, if you are home for the holidays, consider taking time to organize your home before you ring in the new year. You can knock out one resolution before 2016 even begins. The project doesn’t have to be a huge attic or basement clean out and organization like you might do in the spring, but you can make a list of small projects that you can easily tackle over your holiday break. A great place to start is with all those books you are never going to read again. If you have a place for each and every one, you can consider keeping them all. However, if books are stacked and piled around your home, you should think twice about which ones you actually want to keep. Next, you may want to head to your kid’s rooms. The holidays are going to bring more toys for them to enjoy. This is a great time to get rid of things they no longer use. Get your kids involved so they can learn about organization and keeping their room clean. The kitchen and pantry area are both great places to head next. Before the new year you should throw out all the food that expired in 2015 that is still sitting on your shelves. You should also throw out any cookware that is no longer in your regular cooking rotation. If you make it through those spaces, the article below has even more ideas to ensure that your holiday break ends with a beautifully organized home.

Use some of your downtime to tackle a house project or two, and you can start 2016 with a fresher, cleaner space. Take the time to work on a project you would never usually have time for (like editing photos from the past year), get a head start on your New Year’s resolutions (by building a healthy pantry) and put away those ornaments and string lights (actually untangled for once).

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