Home Transformations

Home transformations come in all shapes and sizes. They can be as simple as transforming a wall in your home into an art gallery or more complicated like turning your patio into a room that you can use all year long. No matter the intensity of the transformation, they all bring new life to your home. Whether an increase in functionality or a simple design change, transforming your home can bring new excitement into the space. We all spend a great deal of time at home, so it should be a space you truly enjoy. The best way to start any transformation is with a clean out of the space you are going to work on. This gives you a clean slate. From there your project can head any direction that you dream. Below find some help with transformation ideas to get you started on turning your home into a more enjoyable place to be.

How To Transform Patios into Patio Rooms

Few homeowners realize how much potential their old backyard patio has. By enclosing your open air patio and creating a patio room enclosure. There are a lot of fancy names out there for patio rooms. Patio sunroom, conservatory, enclosure, and solarium are just a few of the terms currently used by contractors to refer to home additions that enclose your patio and make it a more attractive and useful area for you.

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10 Easy to Do Gallery Wall Projects to Transform your Home or Office Space

Cure your empty wall conundrum with an amazingly eye-catching gallery wall. Combine pictures and objects, purposely mismatch colors, put up a whole wall of empty painted frames – in wall decor, there are no rules. It’s like hanging a picture gallery, but the pictures are all of you and your home and they move.

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Transform your bathroom

The allure of a spa-style bathroom is something few homeowners can resist. Such bathrooms can make for a welcome retreat after a long day at the office or an afternoon spent chasing kids around the yard. But as appealing as such a sanctuary may seem, the cost of creating a luxury washroom is more than many homeowners’ budgets can withstand.

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