How to Avoid Fighting with Your Husband When you DIY Together

Our Take

When you decide to tackle a project around your house, it should be something you look forward to doing. DIY can be a great stress reliever. This isn’t always the case though. If the project is an emergency repair or you don’t like fixing things and you are only doing it to save money, chances are you will feel stress trying to get the work done. Now if you throw your spouse into the mix, tensions can really build. Chances are, the two of you have different ideas about how to get the same task done. Or maybe you work at different paces. Whatever the disagreements stem from, they are bound to happen when most couples DIY together. So how do you avoid them?  Before starting the project work together on a project timeline so you have the same expectations going in. Then divide up the responsibilities so each person knows their specific tasks. This way each person has their own goals and can complete them as they wish. Throughout the project take time to relax together too. This can help to cut any tension that may be building and allow the two of you to just enjoy the time you are spending together. If all else fails, find two different projects to complete so that you don’t have to work together at all.

Maybe it’s because it eats up the rare free time you have to relax together. Perhaps it’s because one person likes to micro-manage and the other takes this as constant criticism. Or it could be because neither of you are terribly good at it – there’s only so much technique you can learn from YouTube how-tos – and you can’t help but feel like you’re failing at your project.

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