How to Build a Rainwater Collection System for your Home

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When you consider all of the things that you can do to your home to make it Eco-friendly, you probably start with things like energy star appliances, better windows and composting. Have you considered collecting rainwater to cut down on your use of city water for things like watering your garden? If you live on the East coast, then there is a little doubt that you would have collected more rain then you could use by now. When it rains as much as it has this summer it makes you think about how you could more effectively use that water that is pouring through your gutters. There are a number of ways to create a rainwater collection system or you could even call in a professional. Below is just one way to go about doing it. This system even has you seek out an old barrel, however they also sell them online all ready to use so that you can skip some of the steps. The process of building the system starts with locating the best place to put the barrel and then constructing it. Once that is all set up you need to head up to the gutters so that the water is indeed routing over to the rain barrel. You might also consider putting screens on your gutters so you don’t get unwanted debris going through the new system.  You may have a little trial and error while putting together your new system, however the Eco-Friendly results will be worth it in the end.

I recently helped my father install a 275 gallon rainwater collection system. The system is based on an industrial 275 gallon container known as an IBC. You can buy them used, or if you really look around, you can even find them for free. One problem with typical rain-barrels is that they can only collect 55 gallons. This rain storage container collects five times that volume, while not taking up all that much more space than a single rain barrel.

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