How To Declutter To Sell Your Home

Our Take

You want to get in on the hot fall real estate market before it’s too late. There is always work to be done before this can happen though. Step one is decluttering your home so buyers feel more welcome and your personal life isn’t on display for everyone to see. Clutter can also make your home feel smaller and give the impression that you don’t take care of it. Start with the rooms that have the most clutter and organize room by room. Be careful not to just move the clutter from one room to the next. You need to actually get rid of things or move them into storage. In addition to storing things you don’t use, you also need to depersonalize. You want buyers to envision the house as their own and you don’t want them snooping through all of your photos. Next, keep all horizontal surfaces free. It is so easy for tabletops and counter tops to accumulate random items throughout the day. Put everything back in it’s place after each time you use it. This doesn’t mean shoving everything in closets and cupboards. You want those to be cleared out too so people can see how much storage space the home has. When you think you are done decluttering, take one more look around the house through the eyes of the buyer. See if you have missed any small details. Before your time runs out and winter arrives, get your home in order and call an agent to help list your home.

October has rolled around, bringing with it cooler weather and a hot housing market. As you’re seeing “sold” signs come and go, you may be considering selling your own home. Fall is the perfect time to start preparing your home and property for the selling season. Professional Organizers in Canada has plenty of experience to help get you out of your house, and fast!

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