How to Make a Display Case

After you clean out your attic don’t put all those collectibles back up there in a box, instead put them on display for all of your guests to see. After all, that is why you bought them in the first place. Finding the right display cabinet and not spending an arm and a leg on it can both be challenges. Sometimes the best solution is to make it yourself. This allows you to choose the materials that are used, the dimensions of the case and how you want them to be displayed. Is it best on a wall, on a table top or maybe you need to go all out and create a full cabinet. Knowing how to build what you need allows you to do what is right for your specific collectables and make them shine in the best light.

How to Make a Curio Cabinet

This is a great way to put the spotlight on memorabilia, artifacts and other special collectables while at the same time keeping them dust-free.  Made of solid oak, the case has a glass door and can easily be fitted with a lock for added security.

Since this project involves a variety of elementary cabinet making techniques, it’s a terrific way to build up some basic skills.  One of the biggest advantages of building it yourself is being able to make it whatever size and shape you wish.

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