How to Organize Holiday Decorations

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The changing of the holidays will be happening within the next few days. Halloween decorations will be put away, Thanksgiving decorations will come out and Christmas decorations will be waiting in the wings. This year take the time to organize and properly store your decorations. Not only will it help you next year when you go to pull them out, it will allow to you better organize your attic or basement in general. Think about the extra room that you will have for the other items in your home. The first step you need to take is get rid of any decorations that are broken or outdated. Then you need to designate your storage bins or boxes for specific purposes. This will allow you to pull out only what you need in the future. When you are filling the bins, be sure not to over pack them. The space will allow air flow. It will also ensure the nothing gets broken or smashed. The article below highlights additional tips that you should take when storing and organizing your holiday decorations. It also includes a list of all the storage items you should have before you start to ensure you have what you need. There is no use starting a project when you don’t have the right tools to complete it.

Before you start packing the decorations, take a good long look at the items that never left the box. If it’s broken, hasn’t been used in a year or two, or you don’t like it, toss it. If you can’t throw it away, pass it along to someone else who may want it. Next, designate plastic storage bins (or sturdy cardboard boxes) for distinct purposes. Use one or two solely for tree ornaments and another for tree lights and garland or beads. Write the contents on the side with a marker.

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