Picking the Right Paint Color for a Low-Light Room

When it comes to  choosing a paint color for a room that receives very little natural light, you may think that you need to stay with a bright color like a white or light blue. The opposite is actually true. If you use white in a dark room, it will just look dull and plain. Instead you want a darker color that can absorb the shadows, which will then in turn make the room actually feel brighter. This should be great news. It is your chance to explore those deep rich tones that you may not have been brave enough to use in the past. As always, test a color on the wall of your room before making a final decision, but the article below will give you some great ideas on where to start with your color selection. Be brave and go bold.

The rich teal of this kitchen creates warmth even without big windows. Current trends for Scandinavian minimalism suggest white is the only paint color possible for room. But what happens when your room has few-or no-windows. This lack of natural light makes otherwise sparkling white paint dull …

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