If you Can’t Declutter it Could be all in your Head

Our Take

It’s spring cleaning time, but you are having problems cleaning out those closets and getting rid of those old items that you don’t use anymore. It may not be your fault. There is a psychology to clutter in your home. For some people it is much easier to get rid of things then it is for others. There is also a general emotion attached to many items that make it hard to throw them away. Your kid made 200 paintings in third grade, but you still feel the need to keep every single one. The article below may help you feel better. It takes you through the psychology of clutter, including a way to slowly work through it, if that is what you choose to do. If you are setting out to declutter, don’t do it for someone else, you can only do it for you. After all, once something is in the dumpster it is hard to get it back. First, prepare yourself mentally, then rent your dumpster and get ready to clear the clutter out of your house one closet and room at a time. Remember, if you are only holding on to something because you may need it in the future, there is always places like eBay and Craigslist that have everything you could ever need for cheap.

Jennifer James and her husband don’t have a lot of clutter—but they do find it hard to part with their children’s things. The guest cottage behind their home in Oklahoma City is half-filled with old toys, outgrown clothing, artwork, school papers, two baby beds, a bassinet and a rocking horse.

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