Improve Your Home: 14 Weekend Projects to DIY

It’s yard sale season and there are some finds out there that you can transform in a single weekend. Or maybe you want to make a simple platform bed from scratch. Below are 14 projects that you can do for you home this weekend, even if you have limited building knowledge. Just think about how great you will feel about your new furniture piece knowing that you built it with your own two hands. Maybe you need new kitchen counter tops but don’t have the budget to bring in an expert. That is a project you can tackle on your own and do it in just one weekend. Before you start know your skill set and what you can actually accomplish, then take on a project and have some fun.

It doesn’t take a big budget and a crew of professional contractors to revamp your house. Reinvent your home yourself, room by room, one weekend at a time. With a little inspiration, some repurposed materials, and a couple of free days, you can cross off a lot of things from your household wish list and flex your DIY muscles while you’re at it.

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