Inexpensive Home Fixes

The weather is nice and you are itching to do some projects are around the home, but you don’t have a very big budget. That doesn’t have to be a problem. These are a number of changes you can make with a small amount of money. It can be anything from a craft to a full renovation of a room. The articles below contain ideas and inspiration to get you motivated to start your inexpensive home changes. From a hanging flower basket, to giving your carpeted stairs new life to kitchen updates that will look like a million bucks.

Easy & Inexpensive DIY – Pieced Wood Hanging Flower Basket

After another week of working in a still-very-ugly kitchen and breakfast room, I needed a break from the long-term project stuff, and I needed to work on something fun, quick, and easy that I could start and finish in a day.  Plus, I also wanted to spend the day outside where I could enjoy the …


Before and After – A Simple Kitchen Remodel That Makes A Big Difference

Sometimes a dramatic kitchen makeover requires a complicated design, lots of expensive structural changes, maybe even a room addition. Sometimes, but not always. Take a look at these two “before and after” pictures, taken from the same spot in the family room. We opened up the wall between the …


Kitchen Rmodeling for under $500

Remodeling a kitchen may sound like a big, expensive project. But the truth is that there are ways to breathe new life into an old kitchen without spending much money.

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$60 Carpet to Hardwood Stair Remodel

Something about the beauty of a nicely stained and painted staircase or the satisfaction of ripping the carpet off the stairs. Our guest today has a lovely hardwood stair remodel to share with us: We LOVED our remodeled painted and stained wood staircase in our last house (See the reveal here …


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