It’s Time to Lose Some of those Upper Kitchen Cabinets

Our Take

In a traditional kitchen you are use to walking into a space that is filled with cabinets to store every kitchen gadget your heart desires. When you walk into a small kitchen or even a large one that has a great deal of wall space instead of upper cabinets you most often think it could never hold all of your dishes and cooking tools. Instead think about how spacious and open the kitchen would feel if it weren’t completely filled with upper kitchen cabinets. Believe it or not you can have both storage for your kitchen gadgets and the open, airy feeling of walls without cabinets. You just need to be strategic with the furniture and cabinets that you do decide to include in the space. The article below takes you through a number of kitchens that are accomplishing both desires. One using shelving and an amazing island to make up for the lack of upper cabinets. Although you have to keep those shelves organized since your clutter will not have a door to hide behind. Another kitchen uses cabinet organizers to make better use of the cabinet space that it does have. The key to having it all is to make efficient use out of what you are putting in your kitchen. It would also help if you took a minute to think about all of the unused items in your kitchen. Wouldn’t it be better to get rid of those things and instead have a brighter and more open room. While you’re hard at work throwing out gadgets and redesigning your kitchen, it will help to picture yourself in one of the beautiful kitchens below.

Now that you have some ideas about how to make up for the lost storage space, you may be wondering why you’d ever want to chuck some upper cabinets in the first place. What follows is a handful of kitchens that make me want to rip out some of mine, and why. If you’re still not convinced you can free some wall space from upper cabinets, check out The 15 Most Popular Kitchen Storage Ideas on Houzz to see more storage solutions.

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