Junk isn’t junk when you repurpose it… Let’s talk holiday DIY ideas

Our Take

Hold off on throwing out all those little things that you consider junk. This includes everything from paper scrapes to old home decor items. Almost each and every little thing around your can be turned into something fun for the holidays. Buy blank cards and turn your paper scrapes into holiday cards. Take old home decor items and paint them in winter and holiday colors. They would look great as a center piece or on your mantel with pine cones and silver ornaments. Small pieces of scrap wood can also be DIY gold when it comes to making decorations for the holidays. They can act as a base for your project or support for a larger project. Creativity is the glue that brings all of your scrapes and “junk” together into amazing new decorations for all of the holidays. If you have already thrown out your scrapes and small items that you could upcycle, take a look around your home and see if there is anything you have too many of. For example rulers or wrapping paper. Rulers can become shadow boxes that you fill with memories from the year and give to family members. Wrapping paper can be turned into wall art. So before you head out to the craft store to spend money on your holiday decorations, see what “junk”, scrapes or items you have around the home that you can use first. It will inspire your creativity and save you money.

Holiday DIY ideas are everywhere. Our MyFixitUpLife show hosts are inspired to make treasures every holiday season. So Mark and Theresa want to show-and-share ways to makeover older pieces that might seem like junk. But junk is only junk when it doesn’t seem useful or charming any longer. DIY can fix that.

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