Keep the Heat Outside

Sometimes keeping your house cool in the summer can be done with the simplest ideas and low-tech methods. Trees in your yard, an awning off of your home, and making dinner with appliances that don’t heat up your kitchen. While AC can be the biggest factor in combating the heat in your home, keeping energy costs low and not overworking your system are both concerns. Install a ceiling fan, grill your dinner outside and put up shutters or blinds to make your home a more enjoyable place to relax this summer.

Tricks to Keep your House Cool this Summer

As the temperature rises, so does the cost of cooling your home, especially if you use an air conditioner. Obviously, the best way to keep your home cool during the summer is to use an air conditioner to keep the temperature down, but there are other options that don’t raise your energy bill quite significantly. Air conditioners may offer tempting temporary relief from summer heat, but they’re a huge environmental no-no. You may be cooling your home, but the fossil fuels you’re burning in the process are only making your summers hotter. This summer, leave the air conditioner in storage and try these environmentally-friendly alternatives instead. Fundamentally, the idea is to minimize sources of heat and remove built-up heat from inside.

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5 Ways to Keep your Kitchen Cool

Keeping your kitchen cool during hot summer weather can be a challenge with all the cooking we do for our families, and range ovens can generate enough heat to raise the temperature in your kitchen area. Here are 5 ways to keep your kitchen cooler this summer.

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10 Overlooked Low Tech Ways of Keeping Your House Cool

Summer is here and the air is full of the the sound of whining air conditioners, all seriously sucking kilowatts. Yet much of that air conditioning load could be reduced or the air conditioning season shortened if we did simple things, many of them common before air conditioning was common in North America. Here are some low-tech tips for keeping cool.

The best ideas are those that keep the heat out of your home in the first place, rather than paying to pump it out after it gets in.

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