Stay Cool in your Back Yard

Keeping Cool in your Yard

While summer is a few days away the summer heat is already here. A hot summer ahead does not mean you have to spend all of your time indoors if you want to be cool. There are a number of ways to prep your back yard for a cool outdoor summer and small tips you can follow to make sure you family is active and happy. The articles below all feature different products and tips to ensure that you enjoy your yard all summer long. Don’t just sit inside and bask in the AC or come fall you will regret it! Cook outdoors, buy a mister to spray on you and install fans on a porch. Each of these simple things will mean a more full summer for you.

The Latest Gadgets to Cool your Backyard

Today, beating the heat is no, er, sweat. Several ingenious products can now help you linger longer outside in comfort. (Perspiration, it seems, is the mother of invention.)

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Hot Weather Survival Tips

The heat is on, indoors and out, as soaring temperatures are wearing down appliances and everyone is ready to throw in the proverbial towel and leave town. Instead of giving up, get smart with a few do-it-yourself projects, retrofits and common sense that will keep you, your household and your home and outdoor living spaces cooler, more liveable and energy efficient.

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Beat the Heat Outdoors

Don’t let stifling temps force you from your yard. If a shade tree or an awning can’t provide enough relief, consider one of these increasingly popular high-powered coolers.

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