Keeping your House Clean with a Schedule; Consider a Trash Dumpster

Getting your house ready for the holidays is no easy task, especially with all of the other obligations you have during this time.  However if you have people coming over a clean house is an important part of the holiday season. If you are able to create a cleaning schedule that will ensure your house stays clean all year, you won’t have to worry about it as much during the holidays or if someone pops by during anytime of the year.

When putting together your cleaning plan, it is a good idea to plan one time a year to rent a trash dumpster and do a through clean out of things that you no longer need and can’t donate.  The less clutter you have in your house, the easier it will be to keep clean. This could also be the one time a year you do the big tasks like shampooing your carpets.

Next, consider how much of a load each family member can take on. Remember it is not the responsibly of just one person to keep a whole house clean, when a whole family is living in it.  Assign tasks and frequency to each person so that everyone has a set schedule.  Post this schedule in a location where everyone can see it, so there isn’t any confusion.

Make sure you have the right cleaning “tools” on hand at all times. This leaves less room for excuses as to why something didn’t get done.  Having the right supplies also encourages the cleaning to get completed. For example if you keep disinfectant wipes under the bathroom sink, anyone can easily grab a wipe and clean off the counter when it is getting a little dirty. If your house is two stories consider buying two of every cleaning supply so people don’t have to take extra effort to carry things like brooms and cleaner up and down the stairs.

As the seasons change consider making updates to your schedule to ensure all tasks are getting complete both inside the house and in the yard.  For example add shoveling the driveway to someone’s list in the winter.

There are some items that everyone will be responsible for. This would include things like folding their laundry, cleaning up their dishes after dinner and making their bed.  It may seem a little overwhelming to create the schedule and make sure everyone is completing their cleaning tasks, but you will be thankful when you aren’t running around trying to clean your house seconds before company comes over this holiday season or even this coming summer.

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