Kitchen Cleaning Hacks!

Our Take

Waking up in the morning and walking into a kitchen that is filled with a funky, unpleasant smell is not a great way to start your day. You want to smell things like coffee brewing and bacon frying to get your senses going. Combat those smells from last nights dinner, food stuck in your microwave and a clogged sink drain with the information presented in the infographic below. The cleaning methods and tools that are suggested are not your run of the mill solutions. They go outside the box and suggest tools that you probably never thought about to clean your kitchen. A tub sock makes a great tool to get the dust out from under your fridge. Vanilla extract isn’t just for baking and making food delicious, it can also make your refrigerator smell delicious. A few drops can help you eliminate odors that are filling your fridge. Drink mixes like Kool-aid and Tang, can be mixed with the water in your dishwasher to give it a quick cleaning. Look at the food items in your kitchen in a new light and be surprised by the results. Your mouth will water from all the delicious food smells that were used in the cleaning process, every time you walk in the kitchen.

My kitchen could definitely use some serious help, and some of these ideas are simply genius. Who knew salt was magic, and kool-aid was a cleaning agent?! Source: Consolidated Foodservice

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