Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have Walls!

Water damage, old wall replacement and home layout changes are all reasons that you may need to remove old dry wall and put up new pieces. The removal part is pretty simple once you locate all of the hazards. Mark where the studs are, find any electrical and plumbing fixtures that may be in the way, then punch holes in the wall and tear the drywall down. This can be a messy job, so make sure you use plastic to cover up areas of the home not under construction. You also want to make sure you have a dumpster on hand to dispose of the drywall when it comes down. When you are ready to put drywall back up, the article below will help.  Between picking the right drywall, making sure you have the correct tools on hand, cutting the drywall and correctly installing it to your studs, you will learn all the basics. Employees at hardware stores are another great resource as well as other online articles. As always be careful and make sure you are prepared before starting.

What’s a laundry room without walls, right. Well… I guess what is any room without walls really. Point being – our new 8′ by 7′ laundry room now has them. Yup, drywall is hung. We could basically place our drywall piece on it (once it was cut to size) and then crank it up into place with the spin of a wheel.

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