Make After Thanksgiving Cleanup Quicker and Easier

You are spending this weekend getting your house clean and ready for your Thanksgiving guests arrival, just so the house can get messy again with dishes, food, and what ever else gets dragged in. The holidays should not be dominated by cleaning. They should be about the people coming to your home and enjoying the time you get to spend with them. Make the after Thanksgiving cleanup quicker and easier for you. While you are doing your weekend cleaning there are things you can do to help make the aftermath cleanup easier. There is also a way to prioritize your cleanup in order to make it more efficient. The three articles below outline a number of ways to make your post Thanksgiving cleanup something you no longer have to dread. Everything from asking guests for help with the simple things, to getting food stored quickly and easily to making fun and games of the whole process. Get a head of the game so the next two weekends aren’t spent cleaning up your home. Set yourself up to have more time to enjoy the holiday.

Fast After-The-Feat Cleanup

Clear the table. If you only have the energy to get one room in shape tonight, the dining room is the easiest to accomplish. Take any remaining dishes, cups, and serving utensils into the kitchen (you’ll deal with them in the next step). Then gather up the tablecloth or cloths, and shake crumbs over the kitchen sink or garbage can, or just take a step out your back door and toss the crumbs in the yard or nearest flower bed.

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11 Mom Approved Tips for Quick After Thanksgiving Cleanup

Whether you roast, brine, or fry your turkey, whether you prefer Brussels sprouts or green bean casserole, and wherever you fall on the debate about putting marshmallows on sweet potatoes (blech), there’s one thing all Thanksgiving dinners have in common: They need to be cleaned up. *sad trombone*

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Cut Your Thanksgving Cleanup Time In Half

The key to a quick kitchen cleanup after the Thanksgiving eat-a-thon is not making a big, sticky mess before it.

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