Not All Man Caves Are Created Equal

Man caves aren’t anything new. Men have always wanted a space to watch the game, build a bar, play poker with their friends or display their memorabilia collections. Not all man caves are created equal though. Some men think far out of the box. One of the man caves below is covered in wood and transports you to the wild west. The most important thing about putting together a man cave for the man in your life is determining the soul purpose of the space. Then consider the theme of the room. These spaces can be filled with personality which means you can really go all out with the decorations. It could be an Irish pub, covered in the local sports team’s colors or covered in stone like an actual cave. The articles below highlight a number of ideas that may not come to mind when you think about a typical man cave. Be inspired to think outside the box with your theme, decorations and building materials.

Sorry ladies, but this post is devoted to men (although, stick around for some great gender-neutral decorating inspiration). While both sexes need a place to escape; a place to call their own-the popular evolution of the man cave has blown away its competition (the sewing rooms, home libraries and craft rooms that most women dream [ ] The post Why Every Man Needs A Man Cave appeared first on

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Guy Builds A Man Cave That Looks Like It’s Straight From The Wild Wild West

First step to building the ultimate man cave you need an empty or unused room. A sacred sanctuary full of manly ‘stuff’ that a woman does not want around the house. Of course, that would cost a lot of money. He built a very charming rustic cabin room. Keep cost down by finding free wood thrown out by a local company.

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The Ultimate Football Lifehacks: 4 Hacks For A Better Man Cave

Some of us have richly appointed man caves, others an apartment we have to share with other human beings, still other a spouse who would prefer the entire house not be festooned with football jerseys. So, how to set the mood for some football, no matter what your living arrangements? With a little clever engineering and some slick appliance disguises.

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