On Display // 5 Stylish Storage + Shelving Solutions You Can Totally DIY

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If one of your resolutions for 2015 is to organize your home and get all of those pieces of memorabilia on display, you may need to start with new shelving. Using shelves around your home has it positives and negatives. With the large number of shelving options available, the shelves themselves can be part of your design and decoration. Many styles are easy enough to build yourself, making them an economical option and of course they allow people to easily see all the treasures that you want to display. However, this can also be a negative. It means no chance of hiding any dust or future clutter. When it comes to shelving you need to keep it clean and organized. This isn’t as hard if you are displaying old family heirlooms, however if you decide to use shelving in your kitchen instead of cupboards, organization can be a little harder to achieve through out the month. Overall though, shelving is a great solution for a number of problems around your home. The article below has five very diverse ideas for shelving that you can DIY depending on your needs and your personal style. Even if these exact shelving options don’t work for you, they might inspire the use of creative items around your home. As always, if you do plan to organize and declutter make sure that you are taking some time to get rid of old items that you will never use and that don’t hold sentimental value. Not only will it create more space in your home, it may save you from building more shelving in the future.

If built-in shelving is not an option for you at the moment, and custom or specialty shelving never was an option, fear not. With a bit of spray paint and 1/2 inch plywood to span between the brackets, you can create your own shiny modular shelving unit to suit your exact needs. Materials // …

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