One Woman’s Life Mission Changed by What She Saw in the Dumpster

Our Take

Companies throw away old merchandise every day. Sometimes the stuff didn’t sell and the company doesn’t know what to do with it, other times the trash is just the simplest solution. When one woman in Colorado saw that Payless was throwing away over 500 pairs of brand new shoes over 30 years ago, she changed her life mission. She could not believe that a company would just trash perfectly good merchandise, especially when there are so many people that could benefit from the items that were being thrown away. Ranya Kelly decided to focus on those that have served our country. They have given so much and they deserve to get something in return. It may have started with shoes, but Kelly and an army of volunteers give away much more than that. Kelly decide to start a redistribution center. The center collects donations of items like the shoes from Payless, from companies that can’t or aren’t going to sell the items. All of the merchandise and food are brand new, there is nothing used or old being given to the service men and women. After being the inspiration for the Redistribution Center, Payless has donated over 700,000 pairs of shoes over the past 30 years. Sometimes companies just need a person to provide an option for their unused merchandise. They don’t want to throw it in the trash, they just don’t know what else to do. More people should provide solutions for these companies!

DENVER – For Wheat Ridge resident Ranya Kelly, it all started 30 years ago when she saw a Payless shoe store throwing away perfectly good, brand new shoes, “I couldn’t believe that somebody would dump 500 pairs of shoes in the dumpster,” she said. But they did. “That was my quest right then and there [ ]

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