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We all have that room or closet in the house where everything gets shoved when you don’t want to deal with it. What happens when it is multiple rooms or even your whole house? If this is the case in your home, it may be time to organize and declutter. It sounds like a large, painful task, but it can be fun if you just change your mindset and get creative about what to do with all your stuff. Organizing does not have to cost a lot of money, especially when it involves a little DIY or crafting. Who doesn’t love sitting down to a craft night to help the organization juices flow. The 42 ideas that can be found below should help to cover most problem areas in your home. If they don’t, at least you may be inspired. Please don’t plan to do every room in your house at once or you will fail. Start in one room and move on. It is best to start in a room you use all the time, like your bathroom. Every morning will start off smoother just by organizing this one space. You can get bins and decorative baskets to place around the room so that everything has it space. Make sure you utilize every nook and cranny like the inside of the vanity door. If you want to DIY, build your own rustic over the toilet storage rack and use labels to make everything easier to find. Once this small space is all done, move on to other rooms that you use all of the time like the kitchen or your bedroom. Plan enough time for each space so that you don’t feel rushed and you can enjoy yourself. You will certainly love your home more once everything has it place.

Create your own controlled chaos. Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed Layer your shoes using sturdy metal or milk crates instead of flimsy shoe shelves. You can find similar crates here for $25. Start folding your tees and clothes so they stack vertically in drawers or bins.

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