Organize a Neighborhood Cleanup and Proper Yard Waste Disposal

Fall is a wonderful time of year with the changing foliage and windier, cooler temperatures relieving us of the oppressing heat of summer. However, the beautiful colors of fall can also lead to a mess in your neighborhood’s yards, sidewalks and streets. Seasonal storms and high winds can add broken tree limbs and other debris to the mix. All this debris and waste can create obstacles to pathways and worse. Debris clogged storm drains not only cause street flooding, but also increases the chance of home basement flooding within the neighborhood.

This fall, especially if your neighborhood has had harsh weather blow through and the pileup of leaves and other debris is reaching dangerous amounts, talk to neighbors to see what you can do as a team to take care of it. Often these projects can seem too overwhelming or costly, especially considering the amount of waste disposal you will need to manage. However, by working with neighbors on a project that benefits all involved, you are likely to find people are willing to share the cost and effort to get the job done.

Find a time that the majority of the people involved have available. Although keep in mind there will never be a time and date that works for EVERYONE, and that is ok. In addition to the physical labor part of the job, you will need some tools and safety gear. If someone cannot volunteer their time, maybe they can donate money or equipment to the cause. For really large projects, you may also want to consider having 2 days available; Saturday and Sunday. This allows people with conflicts more opportunities to stop and help.

Depending on the amount of cleanup that is being organized you might want to consider renting certain items. If there are large downed trees or very large fallen branches you could look into a wood chipper. This would increase the amount of safety gear needed, and an able bodied adult to operate it, but it could be worth the effort. You can save the mulch for other projects on the block or in the neighborhood.

The other major rental item to consider is a Dumpster. Regardless of how you clean up, you will have a lot of waste materials that will need to go somewhere. If everyone chips in and shares the expense, Dumpster Rentals are a very cost effective choice in waste disposal. It allows for the collection of garbage to happen over a couple of days, and for people to add things on their own schedule if necessary. Make sure to discuss the best placement for the dumpster. If you would like it on the street you need to check with local municipalities to see if a permit is required.

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