Organize your Home to Find More Space in 2015

Our Take

Have you organized your home yet for 2015? If you haven’t you might want to start. Just think of what you could find. Old family treasures, that earring you couldn’t find or even just more space in your home. Additional space in a home can be a very valuable thing, especially if you live in a small house. As the article below highlights, you should take some time to go room by room throughout your whole house to organize, declutter and get rid of unused items. Simple fixes like buying the right size containers for the items you need to store and turning your clothing so it sits in a different direction in your drawer can make a big difference. Once the house is organized you can start to dream about what you are going to do with all that extra space. Hopefully the first thing that comes to mind isn’t to buy more items to fill the space. Instead maybe you could turn it into a functional area. Or if nothing else that extra space should just leave your mind less cluttered and your days should run smoother.

Did you get to the gym this morning and eat a balanced breakfast? It’s that time of year when we pledge to be simply perfect people. But what about our surroundings? How are we supposed to eat healthier if our pantries are overflowing, or be inspired to hit the pavement every morning if we are looking at piles of clothes? Clear your mind by clearing out the clutter. If you organize your home, your mindset will be organized too.

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